Vibe Belt Prototype

Wearable device for experiencing audio as 3d haptic feedback around the user’s body, functional prototype.

Light Bug

Light Bug

Light following anthropomorphic robot using rough prototyping design language.

Trump Fish Close Up

Hacked – Trump Fish

A fish that kind of looks like Trump, when you shake it it spurts a Trump quote.

Ring in Use


Work in progress – A wearable interface for reading printed text.

3D Room

Wanger Fablab

The Wanger Fablab is a community innovation lab providing the tools and space necessary to foster creativity, community, and education.

Desert Testing

Tumbleweed Desert

The Tumbleweed Desert is a platform designed to operate autonomously for years traveling distances of thousands of kilometers using only the power of the wind. Its mission: to hold back the spreading desert.

Desert Tumbleweed on Designboom

designboom, a co organiser of the Lexus Design Award published the winners on its website.

Tumbleweed Desert to be on display at Museo Della Permanente Art Gallery, Milan

As a winner of the Lexus Design award, my project Tumbleweed Desert will be on display at the Museo Della Permanente Art Gallery in Milan during Design Week.

Zen Garden

Between the Cracks

Between the Cracks is a open design project aiming to empower the world wide Guerrilla Gardening movement with the latest rapid prototyping and social media technology.

Conversation Cloud

Conversation Cloud

Conversation cloud is an interactive design project that creates a visual representation of discourse in a public space. Words spoken within the project area are transformed into a animated word cloud that is projected live on the floor.