3D Room

Wanger Fablab

Posted on 08/12/2014

The Wanger Fablab is a community innovation lab providing the tools and space necessary to foster creativity, community, and education.

As a part of an active Science Museum the design of this space presented a unique challenge to combine the functionality of a community workshop, an education center, and an exhibition space. During the day, the lab is open to groups of visitors taking part in guided learning and tours of museum visitors discovering the maker revolution. After hours and on weekends, it is a community space available to local makers of all kinds.

To accomplish this goal, the space is split into areas, most of which are multipurpose. The Lab contains a computer aided design studio, a 3d printing space, a traditional workshop, community space, office, multipurpose assembly area, and exhibition area for visitor and participants alike. Selected elements are mobile and allow reconfiguration of the space for events and special activities.

The Wanger Fablab contains 30 work stations, traditional workshop tools, electronics area, two CNC mills, two laser cutters, a cutter plotter, and over 20 3D printers of diffrent kinds. This concentration of tools will allow large groups to work simultaneously, and is unrivaled in the Middle East.

Set in the Historic Einstein Hall, the home of the original Technion University, the Lab’s design contrasts an industrial design aesthetic with a Maker DIY aesthetic. By surrounding the visitor with elements produced by the machines available to them, the space inspires creativity and communicates potential.

Architecture: Amos Wachman.