Receving award

Lexus Design Award Exhibition and Ceremony

Posted on 05/05/2013

On 9/4 I received the Lexus Design Award in Milano, Italy. It is such an honor to meet such inspiring people like Toyo Ito, Paola Antonelli, Sam Hecht, Aric Chen,  Birgit Lohmann, and Kiyotaka Ise. The exhibition was designed elegantly and the organisation very well coordinated.

With Kiyotaka Ise


I also enjoyed Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata’s Amazing Flow project, developed under the guidance of Toyo Ito,  envisioning a futuristic, experienced-based installation which sought to express “manifestations of flow as they relate to people and nature”.

Toyo Ito Amazing Flow

I was especially thankful to receive individual kind words from Toyo Ito, who told me he considered my project, Tumbleweed Desert, the best project entered to the competition. He said “the idea of transforming the dessert into green land using a self-propelled platform with wind energy is truly attractive. its large scale, romantic concept gives people a dream of the future…”. It’s so inspiring to receive guidance from such a world renowned designer.

Award Winners and Judges

Meeting the other talented award winners from around the world and  seeing their well-thought and varied projects was yet another treat. I hope this will be a stepping stone on our journey to international design fame.