Dead Sea Bezalel Seminar Workshop – Build it and Burn it

Posted on 02/04/2015

Every year, the department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem holds the annual Dead Sea Seminar. Each year there are different workshops conducted by various designers, artists, and craftsmen centered around diffrent themes, with a common denominator of being low tech.

This year I was invited to conduct workshop titled “Build it and Burn it”. The subject of this years seminar was Ceremony, and my workshop gave students the opportunity and tools to design and build an effigy, a ceremony the crosses cultures and is very much alive today in Burning Man culture.

The students collaboratively designed a wooden sculpture, using guidelines that ensured mechanical integrity, ease of construction, with a focus on a design that will ignite and burn beautifully.  With only a few hours of preparation and a single day of construction, the group used reclaimed wood to construct a desert fox, from a scale model of the design.

The resulting effigy was burned in great ceremony in front of the department the first night of the Seminar, along with a fire show preformed by students of Razo Nir’s Fire Tools Workshop.

Special thanks to Gilad Itzkovitz for the video, Ido Bruno for the photos, and the department of Industrial Design for the invitation.