Hand of Inspiration

The Hand of Inspiration is a temporary site specific installation designed and built for the Burning Man event at Black Rock City, Nevada 2013. 

Zen Garden

Between the Cracks

Between the Cracks is a open design project aiming to empower the world wide Guerrilla Gardening movement with the latest rapid prototyping and social media technology.

Conversation Cloud

Conversation Cloud

Conversation cloud is an interactive design project that creates a visual representation of discourse in a public space. Words spoken within the project area are transformed into a animated word cloud that is projected live on the floor.

Entire Exhibit

Outdoor Dam Exhibit

Interactive dam exhibit in the outdoor Science Park of the Madatech National Science Museum, Haifa, Israel. Enables visitors to experience the flow of water. Burmese Teak, stainless steel, delrin plastic.

Designed with Dudu Dahan.

Meditative Lamp

Meditation Light

Kinetically rechargeable LED lamp.

Ronen Kadushin EducationRonen Kadushin NewsRonen Kadushin Open Design

Ronen Kadushin (.com)

Portfolio website for Ronen Kadushin, Berlin based designer and coiner of the term “Open Design”.

Viper Closeup

Viper Wearable Control System

The Viper is a shape changing, light, soldier carryable robotic platform. Wearable system for carrying and operating the system while remaining mobile. (Elbit Systems)