An Island of Silence


Wearable device for finding deep quiet in a noisy world – a tool for mindfulness meditation.


Vibe Belt Prototype

Wearable device for experiencing audio as 3d haptic feedback around the user’s body, functional prototype.

Rendering eTYP

eTYP Device

The “eTYP” is a medical device that combines an affordable smart pill box and a supporting reminder system. Its purpose is to monitor and track Tuberculosis (TB) patients medication adherence by using a digital telemonitoring ecosystem.

Ring in Use


Work in progress – A wearable interface for reading printed text.

3D Room

Wanger Fablab

The Wanger Fablab is a community innovation lab providing the tools and space necessary to foster creativity, community, and education.

Desert Testing

Tumbleweed Desert

The Tumbleweed Desert is a platform designed to operate autonomously for years traveling distances of thousands of kilometers using only the power of the wind. Its mission: to hold back the spreading desert.

Zen Garden

Between the Cracks

Between the Cracks is a open design project aiming to empower the world wide Guerrilla Gardening movement with the latest rapid prototyping and social media technology.

Meditative Lamp

Meditation Light

Kinetically rechargeable LED lamp.

Life size model

Ergonomic Jerrycan

Ergonomic jerrycan for water independence in refugee camps.

Viper Closeup

Viper Wearable Control System

The Viper is a shape changing, light, soldier carryable robotic platform. Wearable system for carrying and operating the system while remaining mobile. (Elbit Systems)