Light Bug

Light Bug

Light following anthropomorphic robot using rough prototyping design language.

Embroidered Technology

Embroidered touch lamp, bringing craft and technology together into the home ( work in progress ).

Trump Fish Close Up

Hacked – Trump Fish

A fish that kind of looks like Trump, when you shake it it spurts a Trump quote.

Ready for Assembly

Dead Sea Bezalel Seminar Workshop – Build it and Burn it

Every year, the department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem holds the annual Dead Sea Seminar. Each year there are different workshops conducted by various designers, artists, and craftsmen centered around diffrent themes, with a common denominator of being low tech.


Midburn Art Accelerator

The Midburn Art Accelerator is a program similar to tech accelerators, helping artists of all background to create installations for Midburn.

Receving award

Lexus Design Award Exhibition and Ceremony

On 9/4 I received the Lexus Design Award in Milano, Italy. It is such an honor to meet such inspiring people like Toyo Ito, Paola Antonelli, Sam Hecht, Aric Chen,  Birgit Lohmann, and Kiyotaka Ise. The exhibition was designed elegantly and the organisation very well coordinated.

Desert Tumbleweed on Designboom

designboom, a co organiser of the Lexus Design Award published the winners on its website.

Tumbleweed Desert to be on display at Museo Della Permanente Art Gallery, Milan

As a winner of the Lexus Design award, my project Tumbleweed Desert will be on display at the Museo Della Permanente Art Gallery in Milan during Design Week.

New Website

New Portfolio Website!

Finally finished building my new website! This will be the place to see any new work or events I participate in. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!